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Tired of seeing so many wolves, horses, foxes, etc on here? There are tons of other amazing animals on this planet that are sadly overshadowed by those deemed 'popular' or 'pretty'. Well this group is dedicated to those unseen animals, and is the perfect place for them to shine! Join or watch us to take a break from seeing the same animals over and over again. You can submit your own art appreciating those unseen, broaden your subject matter, learn about species you've never heard of, and much more! Don't forget to have fun as well~
***A list of the animals NOT allowed in this group is on the Rules box! Please read it before submitting, thank you! :)
Founded 5 Years ago
Sep 14, 2012


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110 Members
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8,128 Pageviews
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Rules and other Info


:bulletgreen: Joining: Anyone is free to join!

:bulletblue: Submissions:
*This is NOT an elitist group, but we have a standard designed to encourage members to put effort into their works, and submit only their better works.
The animals you are drawing should resemble the animal, with care taken to use correct anatomy.

Please submit into the right folder! Submissions to the wrong folder will be denied, and you will be asked to re-submit (if your piece is acceptable).
If you are confused as to which folder your piece fits into, ask! (:

:bulletpurple:Please do not submit:
- Unfinished works
- Un-cropped works (meaning you can see part of the scanner, sketchbook rings, or there is tons of white space around the subject) This also applies to photographs in that the animal should be the main focus, easy to see, and unless for compositional purposes, the animal should take up the majority of the picture for easier viewing.
- 5 minute doodles
- Spam
- Blurry photos
- Distracting cage bars or glass streaks in front of the animal
- Literature (sorry, we focus more on visual arts)
Subject Matter:
- Anything unrelated to animals
- Animals too unnaturally colored
- Ref sheets
- Anthros/humanoids/gjinkjas
- Anime/manga/Cosplay
- Fanart
- Fantasy Creatures/Hybrids
- Mature content
- Anything encouraging hate or cruelty towards animals.

:bulletred:Animals NOT Allowed:
- Wolves
Exceptions: Ethiopian Wolf/Maned Wolf (which is not a true wolf)
- Foxes
Exceptions: Tibetan Fox
- Horses
Exceptions: Przewalski's Horse
- Deer (whitetail)
- Domestic Cats & Dogs
- Orcas
- Bottlenose Dolphins
- Bald Eagles
- Red Pandas
- Emperor Penguins
~Big Cats:
- Lions
- Tigers
- Ligers/Tigons
- African Leopards
- Jaguars
- Snow Leopards
- Cheetahs
- Cougars/Pumas/Panthers

- List of unallowed extinct animals in the folder description

:bulletorange: Mediums allowed:
- Traditional
- Digital
- Sculpture/Other Artisan Crafts
- Photography

~ Respect and be polite to fellow members
~ Don't hate, Appreciate! This is NOT a group designed to encourage hate or flaming of the 'popular' animals, nor those who choose to draw them!
~ Harassment will not be tolerated. If you are being harassed by another member, note the group, and we will review the situation. The other person will be given a warning, and if they continue the behavior, they will be banned from the group.

:bulletgreen: Questions/Concerns?
If you have any further questions or concerns on what is, and what is not allowed, please note the group, and we will try our best to clear things up. The animals listed above that are not allowed are mainly those that are seen around dA all the time, so if there is an animal that falls under the category of 'wolf' or 'fox' or any of the others, it may be subject to exemption from the rule if it is not commonly seen or heard of.
If you have any suggestions, please contact us as well, we'd love to hear what you have to say!

None at this time
is having a Sea Animals Portraits Competition
Check it out here: animalsoftheworld.deviantart.c…
The contest accepts both photography and artwork (traditional and digital), and all animals that live in the sea.

Gallery Folders

Red Knot (Calidris canutus) by Nachiii
Dawn of the Hunter by Lhuin
Hand of the Hallow by Skreel
Bearded Vulture by Blackpassion777
Bat by Alena-Rendekova
Short Break by SilviaTheCaralioness
Art trade: Vesper by SilviaTheCaralioness
Walrus by DancesWithDreams
Dog Headed Pouched One by Han-Wik
Diprotodon by Vitor-Silva
Flying diamonds by Verenique
Decoration by Han-Wik
Fruit dove by Verenique
Green peacock by DancesWithDreams
Reptile by Alena-Rendekova
Camouflage Noodle by DancesWithDreams
Copperhead by SilviaTheCaralioness
Among the Leaves by SilviaTheCaralioness
Mahi-mahi Coryphaena hippurus by Plioart
Hear Me Roar by Little-Starfish
Resplendent by Little-Starfish
Holacanthus ciliaris by Plioart
Octopus by Alena-Rendekova
Crustacean by Alena-Rendekova
Elysia or: The Slug Salad by DancesWithDreams
Banana Slug Polymer Sculpt (Sold) by SpiderMilkshake
You stole my lunch! by Dennonyx
Italian brothers by Dennonyx
Burianosaurus by Dennonyx
Thalassodromidae by Dennonyx
Misc-Mulitple Animals
Inkritters by DancesWithDreams
Stay Hungry by DaniBeez
Couple of Fancy Chickens by Puppy-Chow
Something to hold on - Help will come! by digit-Ds
Monthly Challenge
Platypus (Self-Portrait) by nasharios
Marshmallows by animalartist16
Pangolin by animalartist16
Studies and Tutorials
Resolution of Ornithischia by Dennonyx







Random from Featured

Flourish by LhuneArt Flourish :iconlhuneart:LhuneArt 394 29 Watching the Life of Birds by Nambroth Watching the Life of Birds :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,381 128 snakes by Skirill snakes :iconskirill:Skirill 102 16 Young Saw- Whet Owls Study by denismayerjr Young Saw- Whet Owls Study :icondenismayerjr:denismayerjr 235 22 Death messenger by FelisGlacialis Death messenger :iconfelisglacialis:FelisGlacialis 342 67 Pangolin Fridge Magnet - Sleep tight little one by demiveemon Pangolin Fridge Magnet - Sleep tight little one :icondemiveemon:demiveemon 1,055 359 Plush - Willy the Pangolin by demiveemon Plush - Willy the Pangolin :icondemiveemon:demiveemon 2,280 1,260 iguana by DrUnKChIcKeN iguana :icondrunkchicken:DrUnKChIcKeN 170 81 Margay Cat - BIC Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Margay Cat - BIC Ballpoint Pen :iconvianaarts:VianaArts 4,068 846 Amur Leopard by Nambroth Amur Leopard :iconnambroth:Nambroth 5,212 383 Sun Gazer by CobraVenom Sun Gazer :iconcobravenom:CobraVenom 1,175 133 Entourage by odontocete Entourage :iconodontocete:odontocete 353 61 Majestic Manatee by Crimsonlily434 Majestic Manatee :iconcrimsonlily434:Crimsonlily434 132 24 Lake Boss by ShaleseSands Lake Boss :iconshalesesands:ShaleseSands 135 49


Apologies for any expired submissions! I have not been able to get online often lately due to being so busy in real life, and since I am basically running this alone the majority of the time, I am not able to keep up with the submissions on time. I am currently on a semi-hiatus, thus the group also has been unfortunately suffering this.

I am temporarily setting the group to accept all deviations automatically for members of the group. If your submission has expired already, feel free to resubmit it (if it follows the group rules)!

Please do not abuse this feature and spam the group or submit subject matter that does not comply with the rules/in the wrong folder, and if you notice anything out of place, let me know and I will either change folders or remove it from the group as soon as I am able.

Non-members may not be able to get submissions added at this time, and I do apologize if any get expired in the future.

*If anyone would like to help out more with the group and could help review artwork submissions, it would be greatly appreciated! You would have to read and understand the rules of what is and what is not allowed in the group, and be trustworthy not to abuse/change the rules yourself, and use good judgement overall.

Thanks to those who continued to submit, and again, I very much apologize for the inconvenience!
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I have a goofy question, but maybe it'll be for the better. Would a dragon be considered an 'extinct' species? I know some people are die-hard believers of their existence but I don't know if they are too fantastical or not for your gallery. Thanks!
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